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YNYC “Multitudes” Program Notes

The following are program notes from YNYC Artistic Director Michael Kerschner for this Saturday, June 4’s YNYC Mixed Ensemble concert “Multitudes.” To purchase your tickets, please visit

This is YNYC’s 15th anniversary concert, and we are thrilled to mark this occasion with performances of three World Premieres and the Mozart Requiem! It is a humbling and important thing to connect the traditional to the modern. We all have a desire to express ourselves with our voices, in harmony with the world. This is what the composers have done with their new works tonight. In doing so, they connect to an ancient line, the same line that Mozart contributed to in his life. YNYC has always been rooted in the past- and with eyes peering into the future, we connect the dots.

The Mozart Requiem ranks among the most remarkable achievements of creative and spiritual endeavor. It is a stately and elegant work, written in the final year in the life of a genius. The truth is likely not as scandalous as the play and film Amadeus suggest, but we know one thing for sure; this monolithic masterwork of the Western Classical tradition is shrouded in mystery. The most haunting questions that remain about the Requiem are asked in silence and will never be answered. What would this work have been like if Mozart had finished it himself? If Mozart had lived, and the Requiem was a launching point instead of an ending, how might that have changed music as we know it today? YNYC has commissioned over 40 young composers (through our competition and otherwise), and we are proud to play our part in shaping the future sound of vocal expression. To do so with the choral art form that we all love, in this inspiring city, is a blessing for which we are grateful. YNYC is a little space for beauty and friendship, and we are happy to connect with you as we bring music, and ourselves, to life.

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