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YNYC Mixed Ensemble presents: The Triumph of the Sky

On Friday December 4, the YNYC Mixed Ensemble presented their holiday concert: The Triumph of the Sky. Here are the performance’s program notes from Michael Kerschner, Artistic Director.

“With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.”
― William Wordsworth

Many thoughts loom large as we ponder the inaugural concert of YNYC’s Season of Connection. We are excited to share with you, in our 15th anniversary season, what connection looks like in our world; an artistic community that seeks to unite young people in the shared effort of seeing into the life of things through the language of song.

Our modern days are frenetically shaped by morning outrages and controversies that fade by nightfall. Empathy, free from politicization, accumulates. It remains a part of us. Beauty and truth linger in a similar way. Sure, our attentions may waver- there are just so many preposterous things to read about and comment on. The things which connect us are the things that are somehow too true to be impacted by the opines of popular culture. We are connected when empathy directs us toward all people, and when we subscribe to ideals that contribute to a world capable of continuous beautification. We are connected when we remember that everyone has a story. And, we are connected by the stories that we all know.

Portrayed in the gospels of Luke and Matthew, our image of the Nativity has been nuanced by centuries of poetry, art, literature, music, and films. Celebrating among families and neighbors, the narrative is rounded out with the inclusion of our experiences. The majority of our repertoire this Christmas season comes from medieval poetry, set to music by contemporary composers. The implications of this sweep of time is stunning; the familiar story can be told in the sonic language of today. The humanity of the Nativity remains the same as it was the first day of its telling. There will be no walls around the manger. No religious test will divide the witnesses. Complicated outcasts can join in among the angels and shepherds, the cows and the sheep. You’ll find your way by looking toward the democratizing sky. The star shows us where to find the miracle of goodwill and peace. The star, visible to all, connects us. This is the triumph of the skies.

We hope you’ll join us again as we celebrate the season with the YNYC Women’s Ensemble on Saturday, December 12 for Christmas Nocturnes. Tickets and additional information are available here:

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