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YNYC Mixed Ensemble Kicks Off the 2013-14 Season

The night before the first YNYC rehearsal of the season this year, I felt approximately like this:

I missed singing. Summer was a nice break and all, and I can rock a shower song like nobody’s business, but I was 100% excited and ready to be reunited with YNYC.
After checking out Michael’s 2013-14 season announcement, I was prepared for how beautiful the music was going to be. What I wasn’t prepared for was the sound. As 80 voices swept through the rehearsal space, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the sound and the amazing feeling of singing as one with a group of amazingly talented friends. And that was just during warmups!
The ensemble shined even more once we began reading through our pieces for the season, responding to Michael’s lead and working within each section to respond to the music’s subtleties. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it was equally fun to hang out and catch up with everyone after rehearsal as it was to sing with them during it. Can’t wait to see what the upcoming season holds for us!

– Lucy

This guest post comes to us from YNYC member Lucy Mathias, Soprano.

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