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When More Means More than just More

As New Yorkers, many of us are blessed with enough.  We have enough food on the table.  We have enough water to drink, and we have enough heat to warm our apartments.  In actuality, most of us have more than we need.  We probably don’t need any more electronics, and we probably don’t need any more pairs of jeans. Yet the desire for more seems to be all around.  We want more possessions, more money and more status merely for the sake of having it.  Many times, when we get this more, the more we desperately wanted, we realize it hasn’t meant very much at all.

This season the WYNYC added 23 new members to our ranks.  We had 30 members last season, and now stand at a formidable 53.  At our first rehearsal of the season, I looked around the room trying to figure out what doubling in size as a choir meant.  I realized it meant more.  More stories, more voices, more opportunities for friendship, more inside jokes, more talent, more minds, more ideas, more joy, more sorrow, more triumphs, more individuals coming together to create a greater whole.  When 58 voices, that were once 30, were raised in tandem at our first rehearsal, there was more sound and there was more soul. This is the kind of more that has meaning, the more that is so much more than just more.   This is the kind of more I’m ready for more of.

– Rachel

This guest post comes to us from YNYC Women’s Chorus member Rachel Schnipper.

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