Alex Canovas / Artistic Director

Treble Ensemble

Our Story

Founded in 2012, the Treble Ensemble is a vibrant member of the YNYC family. The story of the creation of this new ensemble reveals a great deal about our commitment to our singers, our audience, and to the art form we love.

We are proud of what we have developed over our 12-year history, and our efforts as champions of new music and producers of innovative choral concerts has been an exciting addition to the classical music scene of New York City. The past several seasons has seen a growth in the size of our core ensemble, The Young New Yorkers’ Chorus, and every year there is an increase in talent seeking the opportunity to join our group of vocal artists. It is clear that the YNYC institution is ready to grow beyond what we are, and the biggest challenge is that we do not grow beyond who we are.

We are protective of the YNYC vibe because it is so wonderfully unique. Despite performing a challenging repertoire, we have a casual atmosphere and enjoy a grassroots organizational structure, utilizing the skills of our volunteers to do the difficult work of managing our growth and our rising visibility in the choral scene. The audience is the beneficiary of this approach. Our concerts, no matter how innovative and ambitious, feel like family gatherings. We know that our expansion needs to honor our mission and values, and our new Treble Ensemble is the perfect compliment to what YNYC already does so well; bring new music to life and provide an artistic home for singers in their twenties and thirties.



Artistic Director: Alex Canovas
General Assistant Artistic Director: Rachel DeVore Fogarty
Managing Director: Elisa Nikoloulias
Membership & Project Managers: Julie Steelman & Sarah Rosenblatt
Treasurer: Lianna Murphy
Librarians: Zoe Aaron, Jennifer Kurdyla & Nicole Ryder
Development Team: Chaelighla Davis, Katie Fegan, Kathryn Guidone, Katie Oakes, Yael Rein
Social Media Team: Alanna Okun, Sarah Rosenblatt
PR Manager: Kiersten Coatney
Publications: Sarah Rosenblatt
Concert Managers: Cara Weiss & Ryann Bieber
Social Chairs: Katey Dolezal & Nicole Sanfilippo
Outreach Chair: Caitlin McGuire
Bookkeeping: Elisa Nikoloulias


Rachel Aldrich
Sarah Caroline Billings
Alexis Freitag
Eva Gertz
Louisa Glor
Abbey Hendrix *
Anna Mazarakis
Caitlin McGuire
Zoe Regan
Anna Shelkin
Zoe Sonnenberg
Julie Steelman
Caleigh Alessi
Heidi Corley
Katey Dolezal
Basia Karpiel
Sara Huser
Liz McLean
Lianna Murphy
Sopio Murusidze
Shikha Nayar *
Elisa Nikoloulias
Nicole Sanfilippo
Cara Weiss
Emilie Ahern
Ashley Barad
Karen Bradley
Chaelieghla Davis
Katie Fegan
Hannah Futterknecht
Alyssa Keyn
Jamie Laner
Katie Oakes
Alanna Okun
Abbie Reifel *
Yael Rein
Anna Ruddle
Daniella Santos Hidalgo
Samantha Strauss
Carol Szwei
Ryann Bieber *
Leah Campbell
Emily Crowe
Deanna Goudelias
Tamani Jayasinghe
Amy Kwak
Amanda Levine
Amaka Orji
Jenny Price
Simone Reisman
Sophie Rogers
Sarah Rosenblatt
Brittany Simmons
Jody Williams-Tutt

* Indicates Section Leader