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Michael’s Musings: December

Re: Christmas

When I was a child I could not comprehend why the Christmas season could not last the entire year. My grandmother’s tacky (now retro and hip) decorations heralded the beginning of the season. My parents observed with bemusement as I took it upon myself to decorate our suburban split-level ranch in a grand style more appropriately suited for the White House. It was a special occasion! I was determined to create the atmosphere through which my friends and family could enjoy the season.

YNYC takes pleasure in providing the soundtrack to your holiday season. Both our Mixed and Women’s ensembles started rehearsing for their concerts in the warmth of September’s sun; singing carols while clinging to the last days of summer. This is crazy behavior, made crazier by the fact that we go through this effort as a secular organization. Nonetheless, we are united to create the atmosphere through which our friends and family can enjoy the season. We bring to a Christmas carol whatever unique experiences we have had that help make it relevant for us. In no other season do the universal themes of charity, kindness, and love receive such clarion focus.

The dome of heaven is above us all, no matter your spiritual or secular beliefs. We believe that as long as there are humans to sing, these carols will be sung. We come from every corner of this broadly diverse city. Though we may not be angels or shepherds, we believe that our voices echo and join an ancient message: peace on earth, goodwill towards men.

It is the music, the effort to make beauty itself, that is the spirit of the season.

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