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Member Spotlight: Jamie Sacca

Our Member Spotlight series showcases the fantastic people behind YNYC. Today, we meet YNYC Women’s Chorus member Jamie Sacca.

About Jamie!

Neighborhood: Long Island City/Astoria

Favorite Part of YNYC: The best part of being in YNYC is meeting people I would normally not have met– people in different job fields and careers. And all lovers of music and music making!

YNYC_Jamie Sacca

Favorite Deceased Composers: I love the soprano pieces by Debussy, particularly “Beau Soir.” I am also very attached to Schumann’s music! I sang the “Frauenliebe und Leben” for my first solo recital, and it has stayed with me. A really beautiful piece about the transformation of a woman’s life as she meets and falls in love with the man she eventually marries. This has been especially potent for me in the last few years, as I am following this path myself, and I have found new meaning in it.

Favorite Living Composers: Outside of classical music, I am a lover of musical theatre. One composer of this genre that I have liked for some time is Jason Robert Brown. If there was magically a choral arrangement of songs from “The Last Five Years,” I’d definitely be into that! His songs always have such emotional impact.

Favorite Part of Living in NYC: My favorite part about living in NYC would be the accessibility to different types of cuisine! I love to travel, but do not get to do it often, so in a way, I am exploring the world through its food (and I’m Italian so I love food!).

Most Challenging Part of Living in NYC: PARKING. I long for the days of driveway parking.

What is the Characteristic You Admire Most in Others?: A characteristic I most admire in others is honesty, and with that, loyalty to those in your life that you will always be honest with. I endeavor to do this, always.

What is Your Chief Characteristic?: I guess I would say optimism. I am always trying to make things work, and I am flexible and think outside the box to find the best solution, even in a bad situation.

What is a Talent You Wish You Had?: Cooking! My fiance is a fantastic cook, and while I can hold my own with a recipe, when it comes to experimenting and creating something new, it doesn’t always come out so well. But I’m learning!

Who is Your Real Life Hero/Heroine?: I am a therapist and worked in a children’s hospital for two years, and I have never seen such heroism as I have when working with the parents and families, and patients, battling illness. The struggles I witnessed and the way they stayed strong will stay with me forever.

Who is Your Favorite Fictional Hero/Heroine?: I love to read, so there are many contenders. Even if it makes me sound like a teenage girl, I would have to choose between Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen. Hermione is an example of a smart girl who knew how to fight for herself and those around her, and Katniss is a well-rounded, strong character.

What is Your Idea of Happiness?: Choosing what you want for your life, not listening to prescribed norms. Making decisions that may be viewed as unconventional if that fulfills you. Family family family.

What is Your Personal Mantra or Life Motto?: “It’s when you cry just a little, but you laugh in the middle that you’ve made it.”

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