Alex Canovas / Artistic Director

From our new Artistic Director Alex Canovas

Dear Friends,

Hi there! I’m Alex, and I’m one of the newer members of the Young New Yorkers’ Chorus. I’ve lived in New York State for my entire life, and have been in NYC for 6 years. I enjoy discovering new coffee shops, stand-up comedy, checking out art galleries and, most of all, choral music. It’s with great excitement that I welcome you to YNYC’s 18th season, my first as Artistic Director.

There are many things that make YNYC unique amongst avocational choirs. We have both a stellar Mixed Ensemble of 80-90 voices, as well as a trailblazing Women’s Ensemble of 50-60 voices. Our Competition for Young Composers, now in its 15th year, has resulted in over 40 world premieres of new works. There’s something superlatively unique, though, about the sense of community that’s been carefully cultivated over the past 18 years. Ours is not just a group of young New Yorkers gathering to sing each week. We are a family of tremendous musicians, coming together to tell stories through music that can’t be communicated in any other way, unbound by genre, style, or approach, in the greatest city in the world.

I’d love to share a bit about what we’ll be working on this season, titled On Time.

This past winter, I found myself in one of those existentially reflective moods that can only come before the great explosion of life that is Spring. A friend of mine offered some cliche but relevant advice – ‘Try to be present in the moment’. That state of being is not a present we frequently receive, but as I started to pick those words apart, it became clear that there was a fair deal of exploration to be done into past, present, and future.

And so, the vision for On Time was born.

Singing is the ultimate form of living in the present, but can also help us reflect on the past, as well as create hope for a better future. Choral singing, in particular, requires us to physically come together as a community to share in the organic creation of art that transcends time. In this season, The Young New Yorkers’ Chorus will tell stories of the past, present, and future so that we may better understand the role of time in our lives.

I’m deeply grateful for the warm, loving welcome I’ve received from all members of the YNYC family, and look forward to having you join us on this journey together.

Until that time,


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