Alex Canovas / Artistic Director

Past Winners

Past winners and finalists of the YNYC Composers Competition include:

June 2019
Grand Prize: When I Rise Up Above the Earth, Scott Senko
Finalists: Shatter, Lauren Bydalek; No Coward Soul, Sawyer Denton

March 2018
Grand Prize: Adiraï (Misplaced), Lydia Pugh
Finalists: Keep Going, Ed Frazier Davis; The Rocky Road to Dublin, Casey Rule

April 2017
Grand Prize: Unwatch’d, Alexander Campkin
Finalists: Two Butterflies Went Out At Noon, Grace Ann Lee; Found, Andrey Stolyarov

June 2016
Grand Prize: A Little Space, Connor Koppin
Finalists: In The Middle, Dale Trumbore;  Humans Of, Matthew Recio

June 2015
Grand Prize: Ashes of Roses, Erik DeLong
Finalists: The Hushed House, Luke Flynn; Invitation to Love, Sarah Horick

May 2014
Grand Prize: Peace of Wild Things, Jake Runestad
Finalists: Infinite Worlds, Jason Michael Saunders; Peace at the Last, Joe Twist

March 2013
Grand Prize: Trees Need Not Walk the Earth, Jocelyn Hagen
Finalists: I Long to See, Colin Britt; Afternoon on a Hill, Joshua Fishbein

December 2011 Holiday Carol
Grand Prize: Sing oh my Heart Paul Rudoi
Finalists: Ring Out, Wild Bells Marie Incontrera; Thy Perfect Light, Robert Vuichard

June 2011
Grand Prize: Day and Night, Night and Day, Izzy Gliksberg
Finalists: Iucunda Lux, Daniel Knaggs; Forever is Composed of Nows, Joseph N. Rubenstein

Grand Prize: Four Haiku, Robert Honstein
Finalists: The Giver of Stars, Jenni Brandon; Into Infinity, Ola Gjeilo

Grand Prize: Sitio, Dominick DiOrio
Finalists: The Sea of Sunset, Ryan Homsey; Haiku Sketches, Alastair Stout

Grand Prize: O Nata Lux, Rob Teehan
Finalists: O Ecclesia, Matthew Brown; Sleeping at Last, Zachary Wadsworth

Grand Prize: Sleeping out: Full Moon, Joshua Shank
Finalists: On the Beach at Night, Johnathan Kolm; Inaabid, Daniel Nass

Grand Prize: Venus’ Lament, Eric William Barnum
Finalists: Come Away, Death, Brian A. Schmidt; Titania’s Lullaby, Timothy C. Takach

Grand Prize: The Music Which Is Divine, Peter Hilliard
Finalists: Anmwe, Sydney Guillame; In Sunshing and Freedom, Abbie Betinis