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Guest Post: Voices of the Sacred Concert

Today’s guest post comes from Cantor Michael Weiss, organizer of the concert “Voices of the Sacred” in which the YNYC Mixed Chorus will sing this Saturday, January 31 at 8:30 PM. Tickets are available here. I have an admission to make. I don’t know much about Islam. Same with Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism and [plug in […]

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Guest Post: Jocelyn Hagen

We’re pleased to bring you all a guest post from 2013 Composer Competition Winner Jocelyn Hagen! To submit for this year’s competition, click HERE. Composing for The Young New Yorkers’ Chorus was a joy from start to finish. After being chosen as a finalist, I decided to go back through some of my favorite poems […]

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The YNYC Mixed Chorus will be traveling on tour to Philadelphia and Washington DC March 7-9, 2014. Today’s guest post about choir tour comes from YNYC member Lucy! Like (I assume) the majority of you reading this post, I am a whole-hearted, certified, 100% choir nerd. And for us self-professed, dedicated dweebs, nothing rivals choir […]

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Support #GivingTuesday and YNYC

Hi, everyone! I’m Elisa Nikoloulias, YNYC’s Development Coordinator, and in honor of Giving Tuesday today, I wanted to share some of the specific ways your donation to YNYC is put to use. – $25 provides a singer with a semester’s worth of music rentals – $50 gives us 30 minutes in the recording studio (and […]

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Michael’s Musings: November

Last week I was doing some shopping online, and I was close to purchasing a new book. Suddenly I visualized my friends and family enjoying that book, or perhaps a scarf, or a new gadget. I was Christmas shopping! It was only four days after YNYC’s wildly successful Halloween event. I’m not one to rush to the end […]

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The ghosts and ghouls were out in full force at YNYC’s first-ever REDRUM Halloween fundraiser on October 29th! We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the 300+ people who attended the event. We in YNYC love Halloween almost as much as we love a good party with all our friends, and the evening […]

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When More Means More than just More

As New Yorkers, many of us are blessed with enough.  We have enough food on the table.  We have enough water to drink, and we have enough heat to warm our apartments.  In actuality, most of us have more than we need.  We probably don’t need any more electronics, and we probably don’t need any […]

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YNYC Mixed Ensemble Kicks Off the 2013-14 Season

The night before the first YNYC rehearsal of the season this year, I felt approximately like this: I missed singing. Summer was a nice break and all, and I can rock a shower song like nobody’s business, but I was 100% excited and ready to be reunited with YNYC. After checking out Michael’s 2013-14 season announcement, […]

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The Pleiades – Program Note

This post comes to us from Shara Worden. Her choral work The Pleiades will be premiered at YNYC’s upcoming concert, Live to Tell: The Warrior. When Young New Yorkers’ Chorus first approached me about writing choral pieces based on feminine heroes, we went through a list: Joan of Arc, Hildegard of Bingen, Emily Dickinson, etc. […]

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The Season of The Mother

This post comes to us from YNYC member Lucy Mathias. What’s your favorite holiday song? Answers frequently include the popular (“Jingle Bells”), the saccharine (“Christmas Shoes”), or the traditional (“Joy to the World”). But what about the not-so-traditional? For the annual holiday concert, YNYC will be exploring the theme of The Mother. While “Today the […]

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